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Founded in August 1999, Spark Group Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive group company that integrates scientific research, production and trade into the chemical industry. Since its establishment, the company has developed steadily and formed a group-oriented enterprise with large-scale management and operation focusing on the chemical industry. At present, Spark Group has four wholly-owned subsidiaries : Yantai  Spark Chemicals Co., Ltd., Yantai Xingyu Chemicals Co., Ltd., Penglai Spark Chemicals Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Spark Trade Co.,Ltd.
Strong scientific research strength, excellent product quality, and excellent service concept have created the brand of Spark Group Gold. "Sincerely doing people, doing things diligently" is the eternal core value of Xinghuo people; revitalizing national chemical industry and catching up with world-class ones is the constant pursuit of Xinghuo people. The raging fire, the rumors of the EMI, the bright and colorful, the merits of the future, the rapid development of the Spark Group is on the road to revitalize the national chemical industry to make great strides toward the century-old enterprise!